Vancouver Roundtrip - 7 / 9 Night Alaska Hubbard Glacier (Celebrity Eclipse)

Vancouver Roundtrip - 7 / 9 Night Alaska Hubbard Glacier (Celebrity Eclipse)

From $1,552.00 / per person
Weekly Departure : May-September, 2021

Celebrity Eclipse Ship facts
Ship Facts
Occupancy: 2,850
Tonnage: 122,000
Crew number: 1,271
Inaugural Date: April 2010

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Itinerary A (9 nights) (Sails on May 07, 2021):
Vancouver - Inside Passage - Sitka - Skagway - Icy Strait Point - Hubbard Glacier (Cruising)
- Juneau - Ketchikan - Inside Passage - Vancouver

Itinerary B (7 nights) (Sails on every other Sunday):
Vancouver - Inside Passage - Sitka - Hubbard Glacier (Cruising) - Juneau - Ketchikan - Inside Passage - Vancouver

Itinerary C (7 nights) (Sails on every other Sunday):
Vancouver - Inside Passage - Sitka - Hubbard Glacier (Cruising) - Juneau - Ketchikan - Inside Passage - Vancouver

Ports Introduction

Inside Passage
The majestic landscapes of Alaska are an unmissable bucket-list experience for any adventurous traveler, and on an Alaska cruise, you won’t just hit the highlights like Juneau. From the comfort of your incredible cruise ship, you’ll sail across 500 miles of Alaskan wilderness known as the Inside Passage. This coastal waterway is filled with glacial mountains, lush pine forests, and unforgettable wildlife sightings.

Icy Strait Point, AK
On Chichagof Island, just outside the village of Hoonah, Alaska, is the privately owned tourist hotspot known as Icy Strait Point. While the majority of Alaska cruise destinations are owned by the city or municipality in which they’re located, Icy Strait Point, Alaska, is unique in that it is the only privately owned cruise destination in the state – owned and operated by the Huna Totem Corporation. Approximately 1,350 Alaska Natives with aboriginal ties to the nearby village of Hoonah and the Glacier Bay area make up the Huna Totem Corporation. Many of these Natives are members of the Tlingit people.

Hubbard Glacier, AK
Hubbard Glacier is by far one of Alaska’s most exciting natural treasures. On a Hubbard Glacier cruise, you’ll experience picture-perfect views of this glorious mount of ice from every angle on board one of our luxury cruise ships. On an Alaska cruise to Hubbard Glacier, witness stunning icy landscapes as your ship makes its way through frigid waters, turning from Yakutat Bay into the narrow Disenchantment Bay to come face-to-face with the towering Hubbard Glacier. The strong currents and riptides that flow between Gilbert Point and the face of the glacier cause calving to occur on a daily basis, sending massive chunks of ice crashing into Disenchantment Bay.

Juneau, AK
Thanks to the many things to do in Juneau, Alaska, it is a popular cruise port on Alaska cruises to cruise to. Juneau is Alaska’s capital and is also the state’s second largest city. A unique destination for a myriad of reasons, Juneau sits nestled up next to the Gastineau Channel in the Alaskan panhandle with no connecting roads to other cities – making the capital city only accessible by water and air, including via Juneau cruise port. Mount Juneau towers above the city’s downtown area, giving Juneau an atmosphere of being surrounded by mountain caps and the serene waters of the nearby channel. The waterfront bustles with vessels of all types and sizes, from luxury cruise ships to local fishing boats to 2-person floatplanes.

Ketchikan, AK
Ketchikan cruise port is the ideal vision of an Alaskan town and offers a variety of things to do when taking a cruise to Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan is known as the rainiest town in southeast Alaska, and mist arrives from the nearby fjords and settles over the sleepy, wood creek town, making early mornings quiet and dewy – perfect for a peaceful kayak ride through the Misty Fjords or an adventurous hike up Deer Mountain. Afternoons are best spent taste-testing the many local restaurants before perusing the adorable galleries and shops in town.

Skagway, AK
Home to many gold rush era structures and buildings that are now preserved as part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, the small town of Skagway, Alaska, is located in the southeast region of the state – right next to the Inside Passage you’ll sail through on an Alaska cruise. The White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad runs through the mountains north toward Canada, and you’ll likely see vintage locomotives chugging along the steep Chilkoot trail next to town.

Sitka, AK
The scenery and landscapes in Sitka are spectacular and are definitely worth a visit during your Alaska cruise. The locals, full of genuine Alaskan hospitality, are proud of their town and happy to welcome the visitors taking cruises to Sitka. At every turn, you’ll find the rich, unique history of the area on display, and there are plenty of fun, educational activities for families and tourists of all ages.
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